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Jenny Watson, The Fabric of Fantasy, Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney > 02.10.2017
& in Heide Museum of Modern Art in Melbourne, 4 nov 2017 - 4 march 2018, more

Jenny Watson is a leading Australian artist whose conceptual painting practice spans more than four decades. Curated by MCA Curator Anna Davis this survey exhibition features works from the 1970s to the present, including examples of Watson's early realist paintings and drawings, and a number of key series of works on fabric.
Inspired by both punk and feminism, Watson's work uses distilled imagery and abbreviated text to create an intimate interior world. She has travelled widely since the 1970s and employs textiles collected on her travels as the surface for many of her paintings, which also often include collaged materials such as images from magazines, horse's hair, ribbons, bows and sequins. Many of Watson's works feature self-portraits and alter egos, a cast of longhaired women, horses, ballerinas, rock guitarists and cats, who enact life's ongoing psychodramas. 
Intertwining autobiography and fiction, her work incorporates a diary-like voice that is delivered with deadpan wit and seems to relay the everyday experiences, dreams and desires of a self-proclaimed suburban girl. The relationship between text and image is central to her work, which frequently includes a small panel of hand painted text that sits alongside a larger image, undercutting or changing its meaning.

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Jenny Watson: selected works

Garden of Eden & Child's Play, galerie Transit, 2/11 - 14/12/2014

Jenny Watson was born in Melbourne, Australia in 1951. She majored in painting and later took an Education qualification. She always creates works which reflect what is on her mind, memories of childhood and her relation to the outside world. She often paints on colourful and patterned fabric or linen and also makes works on paper. More specifically she paints animals and situations she directly experiences and memories from her suburban Australian upbringing. Up to this point in her career she has had sixty solo exhibitions in Australia, as well as more than fifty solo exhibitions in Europe, Asia, India, New Zealand and the United States. She was the Australian representative in the 1993 Venice Biennale. In Japan, she had the exhibition entitled "Child's Play" at Art Gallery, Yokohama Museum of Art in 2003, shown here again. The new works exhibited in Transit gallery were made at CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine, France in July and August 2014, using locally sourced fabrics such as red and maroon furnishing fabric, chiffons, and voiles.

The Pretty Face of Domesticity, 105 x 145 cm, 2014, oilpaint on fabric


Rock Star, 135 x 105 cm, 2014, oilpaint on canvas, collection MOMA Sydney, Australia

Garden of Eden, 140 x 280 cm, 2014, oilpaint on fabric


Jenny Watson is geboren in Australië in 1951 en behaalde een master in de schilderkunst. In haar werk creëert ze reflecties van hetgene dat zich zowel in haar hoofd afspeelt, als herinneringen aan haar jeugd en relaties met de buitenwereld. Meestal schildert ze op kleurrijk gedessineerde stof en linnen, maar ze maakt eveneens werk op papier. In het bijzonder schildert ze dieren, situaties die zij rechtstreeks ervaart en haar herinneringen aan haar voorstedelijke opvoeding in Australië. Tot zover bestaat haar carrière uit zestig solotentoonstellingen in Australië, alsook meer dan vijftig solotentoonstellingen in Europa, Azië, India, Nieuw-Zeeland en de Verenigde Staten. Verder vertegenwoordigde ze Australië in 1993 op de Biënnale van Venetië en ontving ze verscheidene onderscheidingen en prijzen. In Japan had ze een tentoonstelling Child’s Play in het Yokohoma Museum of Art in 2003, die nu opnieuw in galerie Transit wordt getoond. Child”s Play was geïnspireerd op Jenny Watson’s eerdere bezoek aan Japan, waarbij ze geïntrigeerd was door de obsessie voor ‘kawaii’ objecten en afbeeldingen uit de populaire Japanse cultuur. Zo tracht ze deze obsessie te koppelen aan haar herinneringen uit haar jeugd. Hiernaast toont galerie Transit Garden of Eden, nieuwe werken die gemaakt zijn tijdens een artist-in-residence in CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine te Frankrijk in juli en augustus 2014. Hiervoor gebruikte ze lokaal geproduceerde stoffen zoals rode en donkerrode meubelstof, chiffons en voiles.



D.ART Mechelen 2014: My Deconstructing Diary | 25 - 29 June 2014 | D.ART,
Arme Clarenstraat 14, Mechelen | meer informatie

Galerie Transit presenteert Jenny Watson (1951, Australië), ‘My Deconstructed Diary’.

‘Op het eerste gezicht lijken de kunstwerken van Jenny Watson naïeve prenten en hebben ze iets van mooie kindertekeningen, oppervlakkig gezien althans. Desalniettemin is de gekende uitspraak “dat kan ik ook” hier helemaal niet van toepassing. Daarvoor bezitten deze werken een al te sterke gelaagdheid; een innerlijke spanning, die de kijker psychologisch aangrijpt en ontwapenend ondervraagt. Ook zijn ze daarvoor veel te harmonieus uitgebalanceerd. Tegenover de monumentaliteit van het visuele krijgen we de anekdotiek van de tekst. Het beeld als statisch gegeven en de tekst als handeling, als ritueel in een symmetrisch samenspel.’ (Jan Hoet, 2006)

Galerie Transit tijdelijk in : Arme Clarenstraat 14, 2800 Mechelen


Art Brussels 2014

Jenny Watson

Listening to Records, early 60's, 120 x 150 cm & 25 x 20 [2x] cm, 2004, acrylic on rabbit skin glue pained french damask + 2 textpanels, acrylic on prepared panel



Art Brussels 2013

Jenny Watson

I've Got a Dirty Pig on my Mind, 100 x 100 cm & textpanel 18 x 18 cm, 2013


Also on view at our booth: a rare selection of drawings from 1995 around the theme 'Tattoo'


Art Brussels 2012

Jenny Watson

Self Portrait at 17, 130 x 130cm, 2012, oil on japanese fabric grounded with rabbit skin glue


'Mindchatter', new edition:

Jenny Watson, Mindchatter, 2010 Jenny Watson, Mindchatter Jenny Watson, Mindchatter

Stoneprint on Indian Cotton, 77 x 57 cm, every print on different fabric, ed 50, price on request



American Idyll 2009


Jenny Watson

'Baryshnikov [Triptychon'], each piece 190 x 110 cm, 2009, acryl on rabbit skin glue primed cotton, gaffer, tape, ribbon and objects




Jenny Watson

Toddler with Lolly Pop, 190 x 110 cm, 2009, Acrylic on rabbit skin glue primed Bambi print cotton + vintage American ceramic rooster


Jenny Watson

Woman in the Snow, 190 x 110 cm, 2009, Acrylic on rabbit skin glue primed cotton + ribbon


Jenny Watson

Woman Watering a Poplant, 190 x 110 cm, 2009, Acrylic on rabbit skin glue primed cotton + 2 vintage American wooden ducks


Jenny Watson

Woman in a Blindfold, 77 x 56 cm, 2009, two color lithograph, handcolored



Art Brussels 2009


Jenny Watson 2009

Between Duesseldorf and Cologne, 2009


Art Brussels 2008



acrylic on cotton, stretched, with small plastic horse, 2007, 130 x 90 cm



Material Evidence

Jenny Watsonprivate collection


Jenny Watson has made a selection of 11 works on fabric 1981 - 2005

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vintage paintings

Transit has been working for over twelve years with the australian artist Jenny Watson. This exhibition focusses on selected older paintings that were send over from New York and Brisbane, together with a series of new watercolours.
Watsons work deconstructs the painting by juxtaposing an -at first sight- simple image with a more ellaborate content that is written on a separate textpanel or evoced by a object (a toy piece, a bowler hat, a horse tail, ...)



for more vintage works click here



new watercolours