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Virginie Bailly in Arture #9

in De Pastorie, Ressegem=Herzele, 15.06 - 01.07
Curator: Sven Vanderstichelen

Interpuncties P32 [Matthew], 150x110cm, oils


Allart Lakke

Ophelia, wandtapijt, 160 x 365 cm, ed 2/3, more



Fontein van Johan Creten in Bolsward

klik hier voor de openingspeech van Johan Creten op 18 mei 2018

Bolsward- Friday afternoon (May, 18th) the eleven fountains were inaugurated in Friesland for the 11Fonteins project of Cultural Capital 2018. Here, Johan Creten opening his fountain "De Vleermuis".

Johan Creten:  Fireworks, Exit West

2018, Goldluster on majolica glazes and stoneware, 104 x 77 x 20 cm, click for larger photo


Johan Creten: Naked Roots / Naakte Wortels

Museum Beelden aan Zee, Den Haag,
01.06 - 23.09.2018

Under the title Naked Roots museum Beelden aan Zee will display a selection of fifty sculptures in clay and bronze, many of which are monumental, by the Belgian artist Johan Creten. With both earlier and more recent work, this exhibition provides the visitor with the opportunity to gain a broad overview of his rich oeuvre. The symbolic title refers not only specifically to the basis of Creten's sculptures, but also to more general themes such as origins, the place of the individual in history, and human relationships.

Mehdi-Georges Lahlou

I is an Other/Be the Other, jusqu'au 24 juin 2018, Galleria Nazionale d'Arte Moderna, Rome
L'Heure rouge, Dak'art 2018, 3 mai - 2 juin 2018, Biennale de Dakar, Senegal




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Current exhibition:  Wouter Feyaerts, Friendly Fire, 13.05 - 24.06.2018
Last weekend: 22, 23 & 24 June, 2 - 6 pm


Dear Transitters,
It is good that you are planning an exhibition of my work right now. I have, in the meantime, finished a series of new works.
I understand your request for an accompanying text. It seems telling of this time or perhaps it is even characteristic of man as a species, to have meaning conveyed.
Yet in the transit zone between my studio and the gallery this also raises many considerations.
What is the function of this kind of text? Why would the visitor need this? What is the meaning of such a discourse about my work?
Often it comes down to the fact that words are conjured up to legitimize my work, to make it understandable, susceptible and bite-sized under the guise of 'situating' it. It strikes me that words such as 'exciting' or the horrible 'interesting' then tend to appear.
Every so-called exposure is quickly becoming a game of 'hide-and-seek'. I wonder if my work needs such permits to be allowed into the world.
Everything has its laws. But I do look with some suspicion at the tendency to make everything unambiguous and understandable. An accompanying text, the name itself already says it. The text that takes you by the hand. Perhaps the viewer needs it. Perhaps my work would benefit from it. It's possible. Collecting points of view can be quite enriching.
But for this project I think that an accompanying text is a false cognitive holdfast that prevents the conveyance of what can be experienced.
If a text is needed then this mail can be the text.
The future is laughing at and with us, boys, that's promising.
We'll see each other in any case next Friday for the transport.
Friendly Fire,

Open:  vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag 14 - 18 u, of na afspraak



Johan Creten, Le Grand Vivisecteur, permanente installatie aan Sint-Romboutskathedraal te Mechelen

klik hier voor meer informatie over het beeld

kijk hier voor 5 minuten videoreportage, met commentaar van de kunstenaar en de schepen van cultuur Björn Siffer

Click here for the version with english subtitles,



Le Grand Vivisecteur - Library Version, 2017, bronze, 16 x 8 x 8 cm, edition 24, signed & numbered, only two pieces left

now available in the gallery, price by request

Library Version is nu beschikbaar in de galerie, prijs op aanvraag, klik hier


Le Grand Vivisecteur - Library Version, 2017, glazed stoneware, gold, green & brown luster, 16 x 8 x 8 cm

Signed and dated, open edition

Now available in the gallery, price by request

Library Version is nu beschikbaar in de galerie, prijs op aanvraag, klik hier



Transit gallery opening hours during exhibitions [next exhibition:  25.02 - 25.03.2018]

Open:  Friday, Saturday & Sunday 2 - 6 pm, or by appointment

Open:  vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag 14 - 18 u, of na afspraak


Transit art gallery

Transit was founded in 1988 in Leuven, Belgium by Dirk Vanhecke and Bert de Leenheer. The gallery moved to Mechelen in 1998.
Transit exhibits and promotes contemporary art.
The gallery is housed in an art déco building (1934) where art works are shown in an informal context.
Transit believes that every way of expression that an artist chooses can be a valid way, therefore different ways of expression (painting, drawing, photography, performance, sculpture, installation, video, audio, concept, ...) can find their place in the gallery and in the office that also serves as permanent exhibition space.

Transit werd opgericht in Leuven in 1988 door Dirk Vanhecke en Bert de Leenheer. In 1998 verhuisde de galerie naar Mechelen.
Transit toont en promoot internationale aktuele kunst en organiseert tweemaandelijks nieuwe tentoonstellingen.
De galerie is deel van een art deco gebouw uit 1934.
In deze woning én in de tuin kan de bezoeker permanent verschillende werken ontdekken van de kunstenaars die sedert 1988 in Transit exposeerden.



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