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Johan Creten:  Le Baiser

 in 'Kunst in Puurs' public space winterexhibition,
4 - 31 January 2019

Johan Creten:  Fireworks, Exit West

2018, Goldluster on majolica glazes and stoneware, 104 x 77 x 20 cm, click for larger photo


Allart Lakke

Ophelia, wandtapijt, 160 x 365 cm, ed 2/3, more



Fontein van Johan Creten in Bolsward

klik hier voor de openingspeech van Johan Creten op 18 mei 2018

Bolsward- Friday afternoon (May, 18th) the eleven fountains were inaugurated in Friesland for the 11Fonteins project of Cultural Capital 2018. Here, Johan Creten opening his fountain "De Vleermuis".



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during holiday period and January 2019:  accrochage  |  only open by appointment

two paintings by Arne Bastien in December-January accrochage


Exhibition news:

Johan Creten 'Pliny's Sorrow' in kasteel Arenberg Heverlee-Leuven, until end of October 2019

Nikita Kadan, The Spectacle of Unorganized Masses, House of Arts, Usti-nad-Labem, Tsjechie, until 2 February 2019

Johan Creten 'Le Baiser' in 'Kunst in Puurs' public space winterexhibition, 4 - 31 January 2019

Nikita Kadan in 'We are the people. Who are you?'Edel Assanti, London, 18 January - 9 March 2019

Wouter Feyaerts in 'looking to the world through rose colored glasses', Plus One Gallery, Antwerp, 19 January - 3 March 2019

Mehdi-Georges Lahlou & Johan Creten in The Gulf Between in CC De Warande, 27 January - 21 April 2019

Jenny Watson in 'Fringe', Museum Dhondt-Dhaenens in Deurle, with William N. Copley & Saskia Pintelon, 27 January - 26 May 2019

Bram Van Meervelde in CC Herentals. solo exhibition, 1 February - 10 March 2019

Anna Zvyagintseva in Future Generation Prize, Pinchuk Art Center Kiev, February 9 – April 14, 2019

Virginie Bailly, galerie Straihammer & Seidenschwann, 13 February - 16 March 2019

Tom Polo in The National, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney, 29 March - 21 July 2019



next exhibition:  Mehdi-Georges Lahlou  |   Under the Sand, the Sun  |  03.02 - 03.03.2019

opening Sunday 3 February, 3 - 6 pm, reception Corsendonk bier

In Under the Sand, the Sun, Mehdi-Georges Lahlou collapses reality and unreality, material and fantasy, here and there, through the juxtaposition of absurd forms and the immaterial sounds of children playing, of birds singing, of boats on the water, of the city in motion. This is not, however, a collapse of meaning into meaninglessness but rather the reality of Lahlou's fantastical creatures. From a bust of the artist made from cinnamon and plumes of dried grass, Créature pour Chaman, ou Autoportrait à la Cannelle (2018), to a child-like mannequin figure covered in Muslim carpets and flying a cross-adorned kite, Enfant Tapis en bord de mer, these creatures are both real, materially existing within our space, and unreal, with their impossible cinnamon and carpet bodies. Stranger by far, though, is Enfant Balais (2019), the last of the figures. Along with the other two, we might read it as a person as its verticality haunts the gallery space before us like a bodily presence but, faceless, it fails to fully register as human. It oscillates between the humorous and the absurd, like a shaman's creation or the wild-thing of a child's imagination. Like three totems from a dream only partially remembered, we apprehend these creatures in a state of emerging before us as if summoned from another reality. We can encounter them in our world but only as we fail to enter theirs. In the video Et je sombre (2008), we see the last of the artist's creatures, the artist himself in a white dress and red wig, walk along a line traced in the sand, disappearing beneath the gentle waves of the sea. With this final creature gone, our transfixion breaks and the fantasy is suddenly dispelled, exorcised or banished, to whence it came, leaving us to wonder who actually was the shaman that created these fantastical creatures, the artist or ourselves. This confusion between memory and imagination is the magic of the work, though, as Lahlou's leaves us on the real/unreal elsewhere edge between the world we thought we knew and the apparition he has summoned before us.

Conor Moynihan, 2019




Le Grand Vivisecteur - Library Version, 2017, bronze, 16 x 8 x 8 cm, edition 24, signed & numbered, only two pieces left

now available in the gallery, price by request


Library Version is nu beschikbaar in de galerie, prijs op aanvraag, klik hier


Le Grand Vivisecteur - Library Version, 2017, glazed stoneware, gold, green & brown luster, 16 x 8 x 8 cm

Signed and dated, open edition

Now available in the gallery, price by request

Library Version is nu beschikbaar in de galerie, prijs op aanvraag, klik hier


Johan Creten, Le Grand Vivisecteur, permanente installatie aan Sint-Romboutskathedraal te Mechelen

klik hier voor meer informatie over het beeld

kijk hier voor 5 minuten videoreportage, met commentaar van de kunstenaar en de schepen van cultuur Björn Siffer

Click here for the version with english subtitles,


Transit gallery opening hours during exhibitions [next exhibition:  16.09 - 21.10.2018]

Open:  Friday, Saturday & Sunday 2 - 6 pm, or by appointment

Open:  vrijdag, zaterdag en zondag 14 - 18 u, of na afspraak


Transit art gallery

Transit was founded in 1988 in Leuven, Belgium by Dirk Vanhecke and Bert de Leenheer. The gallery moved to Mechelen in 1998.
Transit exhibits and promotes contemporary art.
The gallery is housed in an art déco building (1934) where art works are shown in an informal context.
Transit believes that every way of expression that an artist chooses can be a valid way, therefore different ways of expression (painting, drawing, photography, performance, sculpture, installation, video, audio, concept, ...) can find their place in the gallery and in the office that also serves as permanent exhibition space.

Transit werd opgericht in Leuven in 1988 door Dirk Vanhecke en Bert de Leenheer. In 1998 verhuisde de galerie naar Mechelen.
Transit toont en promoot internationale aktuele kunst en organiseert tweemaandelijks nieuwe tentoonstellingen.
De galerie is deel van een art deco gebouw uit 1934.
In deze woning én in de tuin kan de bezoeker permanent verschillende werken ontdekken van de kunstenaars die sedert 1988 in Transit exposeerden.



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