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Born 20 sep 1959 in Vilvoorde.
Lives in Antwerpen.
Works everywhere.

Since 1979:
one hundred and seventy-two performances in forty-six cities in twelve countries; twenty-eight personal exhibitions in thirteen cities in seven countries; one hundred and twenty-one group exhibitions in thirty cities in nine countries; two hundred fifty-eight articles in seventy-four magazines and newspapers; sixty-six catalogues by forty-seven publishers; twenty-three projects on clubmoral.com; ninety-four videos on youtube.com; sixteen dj-sets on podomatic.com; two thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight posts on wheniwasbuyingyouadrinkwherewereyou.blogspot.com; six hundred and forty-seven posts on theyeshavit.blogspot.com; two hundred and forty-six posts on theartistsbookshelf.blogspot.com; two hundred and eleven posts on onkawaraisnotdead.blogspot.com; forty-nine posts on bastardartgruppe.blogspot.com; thirty-three posts on stakeholderddv.blogspot.com; four pages and three applications on facebook.com.

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