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Stephen Sack & photography

 The Chromosomic Memory and the Art of  Change

I fell in love with photography as a means to document my interior world. All the diverse series created in these last 35 years belong to one vision, a playful spiritual science-fiction, coherent in their diversity. They center around the conceptual axes of time, traces and the duality of memory and forgetfulness. Time provides the incubation period where earth meets object that produce the patina which is the essential alchemist ingredient. This is the revealing agent that transforms them in a significant way, first in time and space and then in the corners of the imagination. Should the origin of the object be revealed or should it stay a mystery? I choose to reveal its nature. Knowlege adds to the multiplicity of appreciation. I strive to find objects in the real world , both man-made and natural to recreate fantastic images collected from my imagination.

zonder titel [Buffon], 2012, pigment inkjet op Hahnemuller Monet papier, ed. 5, 60 x 50 cm in frame
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