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Jenny Watson

Through her use of self-portraiture, Watson places herself in everyday situations. While her canvases have over the years become minimal in style, they continue to be laden with meaning. She has always combined irony and poignancy to illustrate her viewpoint, at times menacing and at other times wistful.
This work has far too many layers for that; an inner tension that takes psychological hold of the viewer and disarmingly questions him… Equally convincing is the episodic presentation of the figures, which, though independent, are part of a series of events that together form an autonomous whole. The monumentality of the visuals is countered by the anecdotalism of the text. The image as a static element and the text as an action, as a ritual in a symmetrical interaction. Word and image as if in a mirror and both as a mirror in the viewer.

(Jan Hoet)

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