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Exhibition Views - Nikita Kadan

The Siren’s Song, galerie Transit, March & April 2024

Begijnhofkerk Mechelen, December 2023
Tryvoha [the Sirens and the Mast]

Venice Biennial 2022

Difficulties of Profanation II, 2022,
steel, white marmor, remnants of war, postcards, 4 x 4 x 8 meter,
Grande Scuola della Misericordia, Ukrainian Pavillion @ Venice Biennial 2022

Children Are Surrounded by Art, 2021, galerie Transit Mechelen

The Beautiful Colonizer, 2020, galerie Transit Mechelen

Kisterem Gallery Budapest, September 2019

High Disease, galerie Transit, november-december 2017

Gazelka, galerie Transit, september-oktober 2015

Kunsthaus Zurich, Europa, Die Zukunft der Geschichte, 12.6 – 6.9.2015

Venice Biennial, 2015

Difficulties of Profanation
Ukrainian Pavillion @ Venice Biennial 2015
A traditional showcase, in its form and material referring to showcases from the Soviet Union, accumulates materials that Nikita Kadan has collected in eastern Ukraine during the war. The rubble inside reveals political narratives with a striking truthfulness: these destroyed artefacts are containers of words, of images and memories that narrate a (present) history. Thus the sculpture deals with the institutionalization of memories, the role of local heritage in forming a historical understanding against the cultural amnesia resulting from the conflicts. The showcase itself, in opposition to the rubble it collects, addresses Ukraine’s Soviet past, a part of history that is rather readily forgotten. It places the current conflict in a historical framework and presents the war as an extension of an established conflict of ideologies.
In between the rubble, inside the showcase, grows a bean plant that over time will cover the destroyed artefacts. It transforms the sculpture into a greenhouse, referring to popular gardens that appeared throughout the conflict, starting on the occupation of Maidan Square and continuing to the warzone in Dombass. These gardens suggest hope, a new start, a future life and process of reconciliation.


Future Generation Prize, PinchukArtCenter Kiev | october – december 2015

Limits of Responsibility | Campagne Premiere Berlin | 15 november 2014 – 17 january 2015

Art Brussels 2014, boot galerie Transit

Exhibition view Engineering Hope in Art Brussels 2014, boot Transit Gallery

Small House of Giants | Institut d’Art Contemporain, Villeurbane, Lyon | Rendez-Vous 13

Small house of giants“, found object, wood, metal, gypsum, paint, 2012
produced with support of PinchukArtCentre 2012 & IAC, Villeurbane Lyon 2013

“Small house of giants” is a combined object, kind of architectural collage, which’s parts are living container for builders from 1970s and a model of facade of geometric form referring to Soviet neo-modernist architecture of the same period. “Small house of giants” is a reflection on the shifting social role of the worker within the new capitalist environment in Ukraine. On the other hand this object opens a critical discourse on the fictive heroical position that workers held in the Soviet past.

Yesterday, Today, Today, 2012 in galerie Transit Mechelen

Procedure Room as installed in the Kiev Biennial 2012

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