Ceramic Brussels

jan 2024
jan 2024
the first international ceramics fair

Tour & Taxis Brussels, 25 – 28.01.2024

What did ceramic mean in 35 years of galerie Transit [1988 – 2023]?

Historical overview with works by:

  • Johan Creten
  • Thomas Huber
  • Kocheisen & Hullmann
  • Nikita Kadan
  • Mehdi-Georges Lahlou
  • Michael Sailstorfer
  • Christophe Terlinden
  • Herman Van Ingelgem
  • Bram Van Meervelde
  • Jenny Watson
Johan Creten, Het Doek [The Cloth], 2016-2017, glazed stoneware, 52 x 46 x 9.5 cm | 41 kg

The fair will bring together more than 60 galleries, institutions and key players in contemporary ceramics in the heart of Brussels in a unique scenography. The sculptor Johan Creten will be the fair guest of honour 2024 and, as a member of the advisory board, will contribute to the fair’s programming and take part in the selection of galleries. The fair has the support of renowned international experts in the field of contemporary ceramics, who make up its advisory board for the first edition.
This new event will take the form of a militant fair, resolutely focused on showcasing contemporary ceramics, with an intense agenda that includes visits and exhibitions, a series of conferences and the publication of an annual review. The fair will emphasize the experience and encounter of content, while at the same time creating an international market and networking platform.

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